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Autism & Developmental Evaluations

At Anderson Behavior Group, we assess for autism spectrum disorder and/or developmental delays using a comprehensive parent interview, evidenced-based assessment measures (e.g., Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS)), and direct observation/interaction with your child.

These services are offered for children starting as young as 18 months old.
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What is Autism spectrum disorder?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is characterized by delays in communication and social skills and rigid patterns of behavior, interests, or activities.

ASD can be diagnosed as early as 18 months. Sometimes a child can begin to exhibit ASD symptoms within the first 12 months of life. Other times these symptoms may not be exhibited until 24 months of age or older. Additionally, a child with ASD can meet developmental milestones and then abruptly lose those skills and/or stop gaining new skills.

ASD is considered a spectrum because each individual’s abilities can significantly vary. One individual may have advanced expressive communication skills while another may be nonverbal. One individual may require substantial support in their daily life while another may require little support to live and work.

What causes ASD?

Currently, there is not a widely-accepted, evidence-based cause of ASD. However, research suggests that early intervention promotes positive outcomes later in life for individuals diagnosed with ASD.


Diagnosing autism spectrum disorder (ASD) involves trained and experienced professionals who collect information about your child from you and everyone involved in the care of your child to assess for autism and determine the most effective support.

How long is an Autism evaluation?

The length of time required is determined by your child’s age and individual needs. One to two appointments may be needed lasting from two to four hours each.

What happens during the evaluation?

Parent Interview

You and your child will meet with the psychologist. This is an informal meeting that lasts about an hour. The goal is to learn about your child and your current concerns in the most comfortable setting possible. So, feel free to bring your child’s favorite toys, snacks, comforting items, etc.

During the meeting, the psychologist will gather information about your pregnancy and your child’s medical history, development, adaptive living skills, social skills, play skills, and any behaviors that you are concerned or unsure about. This information is used to assess your child’s strengths and challenges. You are welcomed to bring a list of things you would like to discuss during this meeting. You will also be given several forms to complete at the end of the meeting (in some cases, you may receive these forms to complete before the meeting).

Observation with your child

The psychologist and your child will engage in structured play activities. You may be required to participate during some of these activities depending on your child’s age. Additional assessments may be completed solely with your child depending on your child’s individual needs. The entire evaluation process includes evidenced-based assessments and is designed to make the process as positive an experience as possible. This process could last one to three hours.


The psychologist will analyze all assessment results and consider all information provided during the interview to create a comprehensive report. This report will be completed approximately 4 weeks after your child’s last appointment. Once the report is completed, the psychologist will meet with you (in-person or telehealth) to answer any questions and determine next steps for your child. Once again, feel free to bring a list of questions after your review of your child’s report.

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Why is an Autism/Developmental Evaluation important?

Autism/Developmental Evaluations are required prior to insurance covering Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services. Anderson Behavior Group provides ABA services. If you decide to receive services from us, we’ll submit all the paperwork needed to receive insurance approval. This can take up to a few weeks to get approved. We’ll do it all over again every six months for the duration of recommended continued services as required by the insurance carrier. Additionally, Autism/Developmental Evaluations can also be used to determine necessary early interventions that can support developmental progress.

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