Psychological Evaluations

At Anderson Behavior Group, we are skilled in assessing anxiety, depression, and many other diagnoses by completing a Psychological Evaluation. This evaluation will include information provided by you, your child, and others familiar with your child’s daily functioning (e.g., teachers, pediatricians, counselors, etc.).

What are the symptoms of a psychological disorder?

If your child is exhibiting a significant change in behaviors or mood this could be an indication of some psychological distress. Sometimes symptoms of psychological diagnoses will present differently in children/adolescents than adults. Examples of common symptoms exhibited by children/adolescents include:

  • Irritability
  • Changes in eating/sleeping patterns
  • Changes in energy level
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Change in grades
  • Getting in trouble at school


A Psychological Evaluation is a standardized assessment that includes a series of interviews, tests, and questionnaires to evaluate your child’s cognitive and emotional functioning to determine challenges, potential causes/contributors, and treatment options. This evaluation can focus on specific concerns such as anxiety or depression, or it can be broadened to assess your child’s psychological strengths and weaknesses.

How long is the evaluation?

The length of time required is determined by your child’s age and presenting symptoms. As a result, testing can last from three to seven hours. There is always a break for lunch and your child can take breaks throughout the session, as needed.

What happens during the evaluation?

Parent/Child Interview

You and your child will meet with the psychologist, either together or separately dependent on your specific preference (e.g., sensitive information your child is unaware of). We ask that you please make this preference known before your scheduled time. This is an informal meeting that lasts about an hour. The goal is to learn about the concerns that prompted the evaluation. During the meeting, the psychologist will gather information about your child’s developmental, medical, psychological, academic, cognitive, and social functioning. You will also be given several forms to complete and/or give to your child’s teachers at the end of the meeting (in some cases, you may receive these forms to complete before the meeting).


Testing can be conducted by a psychologist or a psychometrician (a psychologist assistant trained to administer tests specific to standardized procedures). Your child will complete a variety of standardized assessments and/or questionnaires. The number of assessments/questionnaires is specific to each child.

Guidelines for testing day:

  • An adult is required to wait for the duration of the testing session for all children 6 years old and younger.
  • Some assessments may require your child to complete them on and off medicine. We will let you know when this applies to your child. If so, an adult is required to wait during the first 45 minutes of the testing session to administer the medication if your child is under 18 years old.
  • Due to the time length of the testing session, it is strongly recommended that you not bring any other children on the day of testing. Children tend to become agitated while waiting and this can become distracting for others being tested.


The psychologist will analyze the assessment results and consider all information provided during the interview to create a comprehensive report and recommendations. This report will be completed approximately 4 weeks after your child’s last appointment. Once the report is completed, the psychologist will meet with you (in-person or telehealth) to address the concerns that lead you to our office in the first place. Once again, feel free to bring a list of questions after your review of your child’s report as we will also discuss any other questions you may have and determine next steps for your child.

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Why is a Psychological Evaluation important?

Whether you, your child, or other trusted people in your child’s life are noticing something is amiss, a psychological evaluation can provide insight and help everyone in your child’s world support the same goals. Additionally, a psychological evaluation can be used to develop educational, emotional, and therapeutic plans to help your child excel naturally with the help of new tools, skills, and support.
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